We sell the goodies in our two Third Avenue window displays by informal silent auction. Here's how it works:

You'll find a typed list of the items included in each window display (north window & south window) near our store register —each item is assigned an identifying number, description, and a minimum bid. The ending date for the auction is also on the sheet.

While each auction is active, customers may bid on items by writing their name, phone number, and bid amount on the bid sheet. All bids after the first must be at least 10% higher than the previous bid.

When the auction ends, whoever has placed the highest bid on a particular item is the winner. Winning bidders who are present at the store at auction-end are expected to pay for their item at that time (assuming that it meets with their satisfaction after they've examined it).

Winning bidders not present at auction-end will be notified of their winning bid by telephone on the following morning. Winners then have forty-eight hours to come by to purchase their items.